Deep Water Camera Set with LCD screen and Case

This All-In-One Oceanic Study Set comes complete with a 7 inch LCD TFT screen, HD water-proof Deep-sea camera and 20 meters of optical transmission wire. All encased in a sturdy and portable metallic box. Power can easily be supplied to the screen and camera using its power adapter plugged into a mains power outlet. Whether you are thinking of getting your PADI license or you are already a certified Deep-sea Diving operator with a Diving Company off the Gold Coast or Cape Town, then this is ideal for you. Not only can this be used for diving but also many other water sports including; swimming, synchronized swimming and others. Or use this for more industrial means or governmental studies.


7 Inch LCD TFT Screen (16:9) Built into Sturdy and Classic Aluminum Case; HD 1/4 Inch CCD Underwater Camera with weight attached and 20 meters of connected water-proof wire; Remote to control Camera functions underwater allowing for viewing on-deck through LCD Screen; Rechargeable Battery to keep your equipment lasting longer.

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