NORA Smart Sock

Know your newborn is all good: Track your baby’s heart rate day and night; Monitor the foot temperature to ensure it’s comfortable; Keep an eye on the sleeping position to make sure it always sleeps on-back as suggested by pediatricians. Keep tracking the sleep history as it grows every day for sleep training..Be notified on your iPhone if something appears to be wrong. The sleep-on-stomach and heart rate alerts are considered as ‘Critical Alerts’ and they can override your iPhone Silent-Mode or Do-Not-Disturb. The rest notifications like the essential temperature comply with your iPhone settings. Each alert and notification can be turned on/off individually.Use anywhere easily: The NORA smart sock connects directly to your iPhone through Bluetooth. It doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi or the internet, so it works everywhere, for example, on road trips. The measured Bluetooth range is 40ft with 1 drywall in between. The battery life is 28 hours. It takes 30 min to be fully recharged.Patented design: The sock is carefully designed by for parents. For example, the sock has patented wave-like edges to distribute pressure evenly, so it causes significant less pressing marks on the skin. Please remember to strap on the sock gently.Require iPhone iOS 13.0 or later. All data is strictly stored in your iPhone guaranteed by uncomprom

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