Gladius Mini Underwater Drone – 4K UHD Underwater Camera

4K UHD UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY – MINI can capture UHD footage at 1080p or 4K resolution and 12 MP resolution for photos. Combined with F3.0 lens and 2 x1200 Lumens LED lights, you can enjoy the real-time video from mysterious underwater world.GAME-CONTROL MANEUVERABILITY – MINI underwater drone comes with a remote controller, which can precisely control the underwater drone to move, tilt up, down, lock the depth, speed up and adjust LED brightness . With the CHASING DORY app, your phone can also remotely control like a gamepad. Exploring the ocean floor is as easy and fun as a game.ADJUSTABLE TILT-LOCK AND DEPTH-LOCK – With game-control maneuverability and ±45° adjustable Tilt-Lock mode, GLADIUS MINI moves fluidly in all directions for epic access to underwater scenes at speeds up to 4 knots! Intelligent Control algorithms and one-touch Depth-Lock Mode help you navigate freely and hover at depth to find and capture exactly what you want.IMMERSIVE UNDERWATER VR AND LIVE-STREAMING- MINI supports Virtual Reality equipment to provide a stunning underwater VR experience without ever getting wet. You can also view and share live media on up to 3 wireless devices, PLUS big screen TV/monitor (with HDMI port).

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