AstroReality EARTH Regular Planetary Globe | Solar System Model STEM Space Gift for Kids

Precisely Hand Made Solar System Model: We use polyresin density, 3D-printing, and precise paint pigment ratios to bring surface details to our EARTH, making it the most precise planet earth replica in a kids-friendly size.Educational STEM Science Learning Toys: We make science learning a group experience by empowering students to learn through our unique and interactive content and understand data in a visual way.Accurate Data from NASA: Using data and information gathered from NASA, we are breaking down the barriers between the physical world and the digital one with this 1:160,000,000 scale 3D printed model.Adventure Using Augmented Reality: Explore our blue planet throughout time and space using the interactive Augmented Reality features, highlighting locations, Humanity, Life, Nature, Land, Sky and Ocean.Award-Winning Technology: AstroReality is the winner of the CES 2019 Awards for Innovation in Augmented Reality. Our EARTH Regular model is a pioneering product which paves the way for innovation and the future of education.

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