LeGrow Self-Watering Indoor Planter

INNOVATIVE & EFFORTLESS GARDENING – Forget lugging in clunky flower pots from the backyard to grow plants inside, only to end up cleaning the leaky messes they leave behind. Instead, you can easily maintain a lush indoor garden with LeGrow’s smart, stylish, self-watering pots for indoor plants.A DOSE OF GREEN DECOR – Enjoying the presence of plants not only lifts your spirits, but it also beautifies your entire indoor environment. From adding modern boho decor to your bedroom or styling your home or office from top to bottom, rely on LeGrow planting systems.NOURISH YOUR PLANTS WITH OUR LED GROW LAMP – Our two-bulb LED grow lamp provides nourishing light for a variety of plants. It can be set in 6-hour increments so that your plants get the light they need to flourish, great for indoor and winter growing.STACKABLE SMART GARDEN SYSTEM – Want LeGrow decor to make even more of a statement? Opt for the indoor garden tower! Don’t worry—more modules doesn’t mean more maintenance. A warming light, hydrating humidifier, and even a device-charging hub are all built in.

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