Octobo: an Interactive, Educational Smart Plush Toy

Octobo is an award-winning smart plush toy that enables learning increases of over 30% in an interactive environment! Through guided storybooks, interactive tokens and educational apps, your child will learn ABC’s, how to spell 80+words, rhythm and more!“Underwater Adventure” storybook experience seamlessly integrates concepts like color and patterns through its enticing sea-related puzzles. Also develops critical thinking, logic, and coordination.“Great Letter Search” storybook experience teaches letters, spelling, and vocabulary of 80+ words in a systematic and creative treasure hunt for missing letters.Advance pack includes fully-interactive 12” tall Octobo plush, “Underwater Adventure” storybook with 6 story-guided interactive tokens, and “Great Letter Search” storybook with 8 learning mini-games + 26 additional story-guided interactive letter tokens.Best with tablets up to 8 inches, running Apple iPad iOS 6.0, Android 6.0, and Amazon Fire and up (+ all smartphones supported). Made for ages 0-7

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