SimPure RO Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filtration System

[Reverse Osmosis Beats Contaminants] SimPure Q6 uses DUAL filters TRIPLE stages system (PP+CTO & RO Filter) with a filtration accuracy of 0. 0001um. Effectively remove 99% of pollutants & harmful substance in your tap water, contaminants including fluoride, Chlorine, TDS, limescale, Bacteria, heavy metals, Cysts, and Viruses, etc…Additionally, PP+CTO Filter uses high-precision activated carbon granules made from natural coconut shell to provide you with crisp and sweet healthy drinking water.[400 GPD High Water Flow Silent Design ] 0.3-0.4 gal/min. Adopt advanced intelligent control and built-in high-efficiency pump to solve the problem of high noise and low water flow of other products on the market, provide you with 400 GPD pure water more efficiently and quietly, without waiting.[Compact & Tankless Design] Compared to traditional Under-Sink Water Filter System, Simpure uses new composite filter element technology to more efficiently filter out harmful substances. No Tank design means can filter the water on demand and will keep producing pure water for you when other traditional systems will slow down to refill the tank.And also helps you avoid secondary pollution and enjoy more storage space under kitchen sink.[Smart & Easy to Use] All-in-one and snap-on filters design, make you easier to install the system and change the filter within few seconds.And it the built-in intelligent monitoring center and smart faucet will double remind you when to replace the filter, you can enjoy clean water without worry.

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