Panasonic Shoe Deodorizer

The Panasonic Shoe Deodorizer MS-DS100 will deodorize and freshen your stinky shoes while you sleep, using hydroxyl (OH) radicals-generating nanoe X ion technology to dissolve and eliminate odors. Slip the MS-DS100 into your sneakers or other shoes and let it deal with the buildup of isovaleric acid, an odorous substance produced by foot sweat and bacteria that is responsible for unpleasant shoe odors. Nanoe X is generated and diffused from the six outlets to every corner of the shoes to remove odors in the entire interior of your footwear, from the heels to the toes. Operated by either a mobile battery unit or AC adapter, the “smell-sucking” deodorizer has two modes: normal (approx. 5 hours of operation) or long (approx. 7 hours of operation). After you’re done deodorizing your footwear, the device can be removed and easily washed with water.

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