The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator

This is the children’s single-player arcade game that pitches and rolls as drivers zoom their mini roadster around a simulated racecourse. Giving youngsters a more entertaining and immersive racing experience than computer games, the rally-striped roadster’s chassis sways as drivers lean into turns and gently bucks when it hits rough terrain. Drivers operate the vehicle as they would a real roadster by pressing the foot pedal to accelerate and turning the steering wheel to navigate the course. The roadster and its movements are replicated on a 19″ LCD monitor integrated into its windscreen that displays elapsed time, score, and speed.

A jump button launches the virtual racecar airborne to avoid obstacles and collect bonus points. The roadster’s brightly colored fiberglass body sports realistic details such as a lighted dashboard with a full bank of gauges, working headlights and taillights, side-mounted rearview mirrors, dual exhaust pipes, and chrome wheel covers.

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