ZenCT Solar Rotation Hanger

An Innovation different way from traditional clothes drying method! It is a hanger rack that can be automatically rotated by solar power generation. Compared with traditional hangers, this hanger can greatly reduce the drying time of the clothing. It will sterilize the whole surface, eliminate bacteria, protect family health.

The hanger rack can rotate 360 ° to sunlight the laundry in all directions. Derived by rigorous calculation, It can reach 6 rotations per minute moderate rotation speed. The effects of drying, mite control and sterilization can be maximized. Maximum load weight: 5 kg.

Since the power source uses solar cells, once installed, the electricity bill is 0 dollar! It is a special design which combined with environmentally friendly and energy saving.

It reaches level 5 waterproof specification and designed to withstand severe weather conditions. It also safe to place it in places without a roof, such as being exposed to rain from the outside.

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