Sous Vide Precision Slow Cooker Thermal Circulator Immersion with 5 Vacuum Storage Bags

Cook delicious dishes like a pro-chef. Restaurant quality at home even for cooking beginners! It costs you much less, but brings you more moist, juicy and tender food. Toss anything from steak, chicken, fish, veggies, eggs, breakfast, etc into it with zero nutrient loss.

Vacuum seal your food and put into the container. 2. Add water, attach the cooker to any pot with adjust the fixed clip. 3. Set the timer and temperature.

Equipped with high quality PTC heating element with powerful 850W motor. Set the temperature from 77°F (25?) to 211.8°F (99.9?) and set the time from 0 to 99 hours according to your desired level for the food. Food will never be overcooked.

Digital LCD touch screen control panel that you can adjust the cook temperature and time(SET TIME means PRESET TIME) by the SET button and scroll wheel. Adjustable clamp allows you to attach the precision cooker to a pot of any size, start or pause cook by pressing the POWER button.

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