Portable Blender

Ultralight portable blender easy to take and use, can make a cup of smoothie in 20 seconds. Unique detachable bottle, perfect for people who is always on the go. ?TIP 1: The blender auto-stops after working for 5-20 seconds, the time depends on the volume occupied. If it stops, just press again to continue blending.

FDA approved, BPA free, CE & RoHS certified, safe for babies. Enhanced AS resin 500ml bottle, 4 leaves blades made of 304 stainless steel, in-cup design to prevent accidental finger cuts. ?TIP 2: The detachable cup is dishwasher and refrigerator safe, freeze it after blending and drink on next day morning for better taste!

Built-in rechargeable 4000mAh lithium-ion batteries, charge anywhere with USB port. Easy to clean, fill with water and simply press switch button. ?TIP 3: Red light indicates charging, blue light for fully charged, red and blue by turns for charging failure.

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