Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat Hands Free Belt

Premium Shiatsu Massaging Touch – 8 acupressure Nodes with bi-directional movement to mimic real human massaging to relax and relieve sore muscles. Top quality 3D shiatsu kneading massage is no longer a luxury!
Customized massage To Suit Your Needs – 3 adjustable intensities combine with optional infrared heat to enhance massaging effect by deep penetrating muscle tissue to improve blood circulation and sleeping quality. A heated shiatsu shoulder massager is a great birthday or anniversary gift for parents, spouse, friends.
HANDS FREE Shiatsu Massaging – Innovative Hands free belt to free your hands while deep tissue massaging either in standing or sitting posture. Easily apply pressure via hand loops or belt for a customized relaxing and full-body massage to revitalize your body.
COMPACT MULTI-POSITION massager – 3rd generation electric neck massager with ergonomic U-shape and compact size perfectly fits on neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, legs and thighs to sooth tension and stiffness. It is your mobile Personal Masseuse.

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