Toaster 4 Slice Wide Slot

EVENLY & FAST TOAST: 4 slice toaster browns bread evenly on both sides, top to bottom and in all four slots. Toasts quickly while fully though within 260s (at 7 level), bread toaster is convenient for a family of four.
?WIDE SLOTS: With dual independent control panels, kitchen toaster has separate settings to allow for individual tastes. 1.5*5.8’’ long wide slots accommodate bagel, hamburger bun, wide toasted bread and longer pieces of bread.
?DURABLE LEVER: Keemo 4 slice toaster features CANCAL, REHEAT, DEFROST functions. Cancel function allows you to stop the bread toaster while working, which is safer. 7-level adjustable browning control. Durable lift lever with smooth movement lowers and pops up the toast sufficiently.
?STYLISH & SAFE: FDA approved. Sleek, solid and modern looking, 4 slice toaster is compact enough to easily and nicely slide on counter. Cool to touch chrome stainless steel finish that resists rust, plus 2 separate removable trays, all make the bread toaster easy to maintain.

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