Premium Sukiyaki Portable Stove

“Sukiyaki” is a very tasty hot pot dish made of thin slices of beef and vegetables and the most stylish way to cook it is with Iwatani’s Amorfo Premium Sukiyaki Portable Stove.

Hot pot dishes like sukiyaki (or nabemono in Japanese) are always cooked at the table, making them great for families and friends gatherings. And the Amorfo Premium Sukiyaki Portable Stove gives you anything you need for such a dinner party: a very portable and very stylish gas cartridge stove (it actually earned a Good Design Award to its designer) and an anodized aluminum nabe (pot) in which you will cook your sukiyaki. Add a gas cartridge, fire it up, throw in the ingredients, and have fun making and, of course, eating it!


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