Sports Action Camera Warrior G1 H.265 Wi-Fi HD 1080P Camcorder

H.265 compression: In pursuit of the most efficient storage, Warrior G1 uses H.265 and H.264 hybrid video compression technology. For preview and playback in mobile phone, it is H.264. For downloading in PC it is H.265. In the same resolution, it can save around 40% more storage space than any other cameras that are with H.264 compression. Warrior G1 has 16 GB micro SD card built-in which equals 40 GB storage of any H.264 cameras.

Built-in 3400MAH Lithium-ion Battery: To meet the needs of sports lovers, Warrior G1 uses Panasonic NCR 18650 3400mAH high density lithium-ion battery, which is safe and is with super repeatedly charging and discharging times, powerful energy and light weight. With so strong battery, it could record for 7 hours without any stop, could remain powerful for 25 days during which 500 photos could be taken each day, and could have the ability of one-year power standby.
Top-Speed Startup (0.6 Second), a Press-And-Shoot: Warrior G1 is with 0.6 second top-speed startup for record and snapshot, and it can capture every wonderful moments at any time in anywhere. With 0.6 second top-speed startup, there is nothing Warrior G1 will miss.

ECO Start-Stop Technology: In order to keep long time recording and photographing, Warrior G1 uses ECO Start-Stop Technology to save more power for users. Its power can last for 25 days and each day at least 500 photos could be captured during these 25 days. If taken photos every 60 seconds, it can last for 9 whole days.
Sports Action Camera Warrior G1 H.265 Wi-Fi HD 1080P Camcorder

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