Mermaid Tails Costume for Swimming

6(height): 3 ft 7 in -3 ft 11 in (110cm-120cm)Waist: 15.75″-19.68″(40cm-50cm)Not includ bikini
100% brand new and hight quality, tails are made from swimsuit fabrics : 80% polyester and 20% spandex,the breathable fabric allows water and air to pass right through,which optimal propulsion and maximum comfort;
Tails are designed to hold our monofin perfectly and it will not slip out even though they are open at the bottom.
The monofin is open at the bottom can also allow it to dry quickly.
You can easily add or remove the monofin from your mermaid tail at anytime.
Mermaid Tails Costume for Swimming

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