Tidalpool Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

From T-shirts to kids clothes to ordinary loads of laundry, our clothes dryer can be used anywhere to dry your clothes with air so they last longer and feel better.
Warm gentle air drying to help preserve the appearance and lifespan of your clothes. It’s also the best way to dry bras and hand-wash delicates! Don’t let normal clothing dryers add wrinkles to your clothes. And forget about hang drying them outdoors where tiny bugs and rain can reach them.

Built-in ultraviolet sanitizer in each electric dryer to give you truly clean clothes. Harmful germs can survive inside your washer and dryer and contaminate your next load! Don’t let potentially harmful bacteria get you or your loved ones sick.

25″ diameter to fit comfortably inside cramped apartments, dorms, and living spaces. Assembles quickly and is easy to use to save you space and time.

Tidalpool Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

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