Starry Station – WiFi / Wireless Router

The first router of its kind, Starry Station features a touchscreen that lets you control and understand your Wi-Fi, all at a glance, tap, or chat. It also has a companion mobile app that gives you visibility into your network, whether you’re at home or away. It’s as simple to set up as it is to use—go from out of the box to online in minutes. No more blinking lights to decode. Just a better way to Wi-Fi.

The only thing worse than WiFi problems is not knowing how to fix them. Starry Station identifies problems and suggests solutions, so you’ll never play the guessing game again. Beyond that, it shows you who’s on your network, which devices are using the most data, and what speeds you’re getting. You can even request a support call from the touchscreen or from the mobile app. All the info you need is always a glance, tap, or chat away.

Starry Station - WiFi  Wireless Router

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