Intelligent Sleep Mask for Better Quality Sleep and Fight Jet Lag

Sleep Analytics – ­an on ­demand report on the quality of sleep including all necessary measurements and the extra suggestions on numerous ways of improving the quality of sleep. The Neuroon measures energy levels of brain waves, pulse, temperature, movement and its strength. Collected data is then analyzed with artificial neural network supported by dynamic decision tree which takes into account measurement history.

Jet Lag Blocker ­- enables overcoming the disastrous effects of international flight, namely jet lag. The Neuroon Mask’s Jet Lag Blocker helps to adjust to new time zone.
Light Boost -­ provides users with personal Bright Light Therapy, which reschedules biorhythm and affects the level of melatonin, the sleep hormone. It has been proven to be highly effective in seasonal affective disorders and its main effect is greater alertness and less drowsiness.

Neuroon Sunrise -­ simulates artificial dawn so that every user is woken up in the most natural way. It is a perfect way to eliminate sleep inertia and get up in the most convenient moment, that is when the phase of sleep is the lightest.
Biorhythm adjuster – enables altering the biorhythm. Especially designed for shift workers who do not have a regular sleep pattern.

Intelligent Sleep Mask for Better Quality Sleep and Fight Jet Lag

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