Electronics Space Kit

ittleBits brings you fun and powerful ways to explore Earth + Space science in the classroom and at home. Designed in collaboration with NASA scientists & engineers, this kit is the perfect tool for educators and parents focused on getting kids excited about space science.

It’s also perfect for space enthusiasts and science buffs. The kit’s instruction book contains 5 NASA lesson plans and 10 STEAM activities, with many more available free at the littleBits website. Learn scientific principles like Electromagnetic, Kinetic, & Potential Energy. Make a Mars Rover or an ISS; transmit music wirelessly and more! Connect with the littleBits library to infinitely expand your discoveries.

Electronics Space Kit

To promote student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM), littleBits and NASA have partnered on activities around the fundamentals of energy, robotics, wireless data transmission, physics, astronomy and more STEAM topics.

Explorers can now learn how scientists communicate with a spacecraft billions of kilometers away, transmit electromagnetic energy, see sound energy and explore first-hand how the AURA satellite senses gases in our atmosphere – plus hundreds more lessons and projects available for free at littleBits website.

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