5-in-1 Large Brick Pen Holder Phone Stand

3 LED Brightness Level – You may adjust the LED brightness level by its touch board. It can not only as a decorations to make your desktop amazing but also relax your eyes when you are working tired.
Pen Holder / Phone Stand – The holder function is an important part of this design. It allows you to put your pens and mobile in order. Also, it could be used as memo board which reminds you of your work or private schedule.
Phone Charging – 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub. It allows you to charge your mobile phone or other electronic digital devices.
Stacking Bricks With Your Own Mind – Bricks of this Pen Holder / Phone Stand could be stacked or disassembled easily, just like the Lego. It means that you may personalize your own Pen Holder / Phone Stand!

5-in-1 Large Brick Pen Holder

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