720p HD Car Dashcam

Car Video Dashcam with 3 inch touch screen, G sensor, 720p HD recording, GPS logger, MMS pictures on demand (MMS Trigger) trigger, the ability to make 2G phone calls, and more. Recording road footage made easy.

Being on the road everyday brings risks, that’s a fact. But thanks to this video camera for cars, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your car better against vandalism, accidents and fake insurance claims. Packing a G sensor, the camera will automatically start recording when an impact is detected and thanks to the GPS logger, you’ll be able to record your exact location during the whole trip.

By inserting a SIM card this car black box will be enabled to send you MMS messages of what the camera is viewing and you’ll even be able to make phone calls with it! Easy to use and easy to attach to your windscreen, this car DVR comes with everything you need to get going such as a suction cup mount and car charger.

720p HD Car Dashcam

Everything happening in front of your car will be recorded by the 110 degrees angle lens and in case of an accident, you will have video evidence to back your claims. The built-in battery can keep the camera going for up to 3 hours and a car power adaptor to recharge or power the DVR is also provided. But you could also use this Car DVR to record your road trips in 720p HD. What better way is there to document that legendary road trip you made with your best friends? And on top of all this, control and input for this HD car dashcam is a breeze due to the 3 inch screen having full touchscreen support.

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