Emberlit Camping Stove

The Emberlit Camp Stove is a lightweight, compact, wood burning stove that doesn’t require you carry any fuel. It packs completely flat at about 1/8th in thick, weighs only 11.3 oz, and is 100% Made here in the USA from stainless steel. What sets this stove apart from others is its ease of use. Properly fed, the Emberlit Stove requires minimal effort to produce and maintain an even flame with little or no smoke. This means that instead of fidgeting with the stove you can focus on cooking. Since the Emberlit makes much more efficient use of fuel than an open camp fire, a couple hand-fulls of twigs and sticks gathered on the trail is more than enough to boil water and cook a full meal. Price: $39.99

Emberlit Camping Stove - Stainless Steel with Cross Bars


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