Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip pulse oximeter is a portable oxygen and pulse rate detection equipment that has a 1.2 Inch Color Display, Rechargeable Battery, and can be connected to the PC via USB.

Staying healthy in today’s society is becoming more important so his pulse oximeter is ideal for individuals that are interested in monitoring their blood oxygen level and pulse rate. Insert your finger into the oximeter and after a few seconds reading your fingertip it will then display an accurate measurement of both your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. The results are displayed on the oximeter pulse reader’s 1.2 inch colored display

This oximeter has other features including low power alarm, probe-off alarm and overrun alarm adjustable as well as being able to upload the data to PC with the included power cable. Its small compact size makes it easy to carry around and also it comes with a free neck lace lanyard making it an indispensible piece of equipment.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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