Usb Electric Eye Care Massager Acupressure

his item is without retail box. Description? Hot pack physical therapy : (such as hot towel sprend eye) Traditional herbalist doctor hot cure can accelerating the blood’s circuling , hot pack of the eye , which can amdliorate the eye’s blood circlating , make your eye muscle relax . Accelerating the body blood circlating ,dispel your head’s fatigue . Apply range : 1.students’myopia , hypermetropia , amblyopic ,excess eye and long time using the glass which cause discomfort . 2.Computer operator , stylist , accountant , assistant, teacher , driver ,precision apparatus operator and so on . 3.With black eye socket , pouch , crow’s-feet and always sit up person . 4.Swirl brain bulge , eye ache , face trigeminal , crack-up , insomnia Presbyopia , astigmatism sufferer Air pressure massage : many kind of air pressure mode transform by turn , simulating the human’s hand ,massage the whole eye with moderation kneading , which can accelerating the eye’s blood circulating , dispel the eye’s strain and fatigue . Using puissant air pressure shrinking and exaggerating to massage , which can correct your eyeball’s distortion and pop out .

Price: $42.89

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