Simple Tofu Press

The Simple Tofu Press If you found your way here, you are most likely a vegan or vegetarian and understand the problems of pressing and draining tofu. We had the same problem for years and finally decided to make use of our engineering background and figure out a simple way to press tofu. After testing many products and experimenting with various devices we engineered what we think is the best, simplest, and easiest to use Tofu Press.

Price: $25.00

The Simple Tofu Press simply squeezes the water from the tofu by pressing down the top plate. We have 2 models, one with springs and one without springs. This Simple Tofu Press works with no springs, you simply turn down the knobs every few minutes until the tofu is pressed dry to your needs. Please see our other listing for our top of the line “Tofu Presser” which is more automatic and does not require you to keep adjusting the knobs.

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