Red Rip-stop Nylon Parachute for Water or Model Rocket

Quality general use parachute for water or model rockets. Shroud lines easily loop over fins attached to a 2 liter bottle rocket and gathered at the top with a cable tie or rubber band. Parachute canopy is just the right size for providing a fun and safe recovery flight down of launched water rocket as seen in the photos at the top. Be sure there are no trees nearby especially on a breezy day as the parachute could get caught in a tree branch.

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Parachute is made with Rip-stop nylon fabric for durability. Braided nylon cords – each shroud length about the diameter of the parachute (each cord is about twice the diameter). All edges sewn with professional grade Serger Sewing equipment. Polyester thread employed. Machine Washable. Water rocket (2 liter bottle), fins, nose cone, bumper pad, and launcher are NOT included.

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